About Us

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. What was normal is now a luxury. What was a weekday is now a weekend. And while we are still getting conditioned to this global disruption; we have learned that times like this are often a mark of new beginnings, updates, and renovations.

So, we ‘The Quince’ are getting ready to lay our foot down in the business. The times where the internet and technology has taken over the world; we also decided to marvel at this opportunity! Our independent cloud kitchen will make and bake the best of desserts for you. You can place the order online on our official website. And with the help of food delivery services, we will send- our love and your order to you.

Looking at the current situation, where no one is safe until everyone is safe. We understand that something cooked out of your home’s kitchen can bother you. You have every right to be worried, and we respect that. But please don’t hesitate, as-

  • Each one of our staff will get their temperature checked frequently.

  • Every precaution like mask, gloves, with sanitization is mandatory for all.

  • The workplace, especially the kitchen will be cleaned consistently for a hygienic and healthy environment.

  • The order will be packaged properly to ensure it doesn’t get contaminated on the way.

The Quince is rearing to help you in celebrating birthdays, anniversary, getting into your desired college, your first paycheck, or it is just a craving which needs to be sufficed. We are going to do this by providing you all, from chocolates, to muffins, to cakes, and everything in between. Our products are made up of flavors like chocolate truffle, red velvet, strawberry, and so on.

To give a sense of gratification to our customer's desires, we connect our competence to innovation. We at The Quince have a team of hard-working and skilled people. With our dedicated team spending time to understand the dynamics of the market's trend, we launch customized products. We believe in making moments of people's lives special with our delicious products. Our chefs are constantly involved in the process of innovation with seasonal products. We are also committed to providing exclusive items to all our customers. Our products do not only have appealing appearances and taste but also maintain the nutritional value of the items to their fullest.

We assure you that: 






Our focus is to ensure the meeting of existing demand in the market by using various effective sales channels. We do have expert staff who follow a standard procedure of hygiene. They have proficient knowledge about the variety of ingredients and their usage in different proportions as well.

Advanced technology is used to perform the process of production with high accuracy. Quality check is carried out at every level of production to meet the quality criteria.We also monitor the entire process right from selecting ingredients to the final delivery of the products.

The Quince aspires to become the most trusted and loved brand across the country. With the determination to spread to many more cities in the coming future, the products will be available online for consumers and will leverage the distribution channels Swiggy, Zomato, and other food aggregators.

We adhere to all hygiene protocols necessary for the work we do here.

We cautiously handle both vegetarian and non-vegetarian desserts.

We love and care for our planet, which is why we use cloth bags for delivering your order.

Everything we serve is freshly made.